The Histroy

The early games were mostly focused on street racing with sports cars in various setting. The first game released in 1994 was focused on semi realistic driving with different sports cars. Hot Pursuit (released in 1998) reformed the series, by introducing a highly comples cops versus racers concept. In this version players were allowed to play on both side of the law. Pretty cool, isn't it ?

In the year 2002, Hot Pursuit 2 was released. Underground races took place solely in a fictional American city. The game do not include physical damage.

Due to Underground big success, Underground 2 came out in 2004. A Free Roam Mode was added and now players are able to drive free around the city.

On november 2005 Most Wanted was released. This series introduced high speed police chases and supercars. Unlike Underground series, Most Wanted only took place in day time. Carbon was released a year later, which completely adopted Most Wanted's pursuit system and appended more tunning options.

Pro Street was released in 2007. Races only occured in daytime agin and no longer took place in public streets. In 2010 we had Hot Pursuit. The game was focused on the same gameplay concpet of the first six NFS titles.

On 15 november 2011 THe Run was releases. This one was focuses on illegal street racing within rural and urban areas in the USA with an influential story line.

Most Wanted 2012 was focused on delivering a completely sandbox open world with the introduction of features like speed camera and billboards while retaining the concept of 2005's Most Wanted

In 2013 we had Need For Speed Rivals. Hope you enjoyed all of them.

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