Not all the Need for Speed series had a big success. However the new game Need for Speed Rivals is trying to become a big hit. Who knows, maybe it will succeed, maybe not. We are just trying to analyze it.

It certainly represent a complete experience even if you are playing it as single player or as multi player. You may join and play with all your friends online where you can meet them in real time or you can also choose to play against your friends. Do whatever you like. You are entirely free now.

The games incorporates explosive rivality. Drivers are lonely people who live only for glory, driving faster cars and of course improving their performances all the time. Cops are forming squads that works together in order to stop the drivers.

Graphic is certainly amazing. We can enjoy the experience of fast racing cars through the gaming engine Frostbite 3. Every aspect and every detail of the game looks extremely good.

Your present cars represent your identity. Therefore every player need to personalize it's own car with unique design.